About Us

Our mission

Our mission is to become the most credible platform for individual finance and insurance in the UAE by simplifying the process. Find and compare insurance policies, credit cards, loans and bank accounts in one place.

Our Vision

Our view is that you keep us bank for all our personal finance needs. Our forum allows you to easily compare the many policies to see the advantages and advantages of each policy, making you strong enough to make your own informed banking decisions.

Select such product. Home loans, personal loans, unsecured business loans, loan against property, your income and the necessary loan amount. Compare rates with our partner bank. Select the bank that fits your criteria and applies! there's more! You have the option to name some of your pay slip (in the case of salaried person), income tax return, KYC for faster processing.

We are financial experts with years of experience and deep knowledge of banking, finance and insurance sector. We use our financial understanding to help you make the right financial decision-making with products available in the UAE. We are also passionate geeks, adventurers, and artists, and we believe that to understand personal finance only takes more than business skills.

We believe personal finance should be accessible to everyone. You do not need a background in banking to understand which credit card, bank account, loan or insurance is best for you. We believe that when you compare and compare products on the bank, you should be able to make your own informed decisions.

Who are we?

Easy Loan Dubey is a financial technology startup located in Dubai. Our goal is to make the financial services affordable and easily accessible to the common man.

What we do?

We are an online platform that provides financial products and services like personal loans, unsecured loans, installment loans to our customers.