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Limited Liability Company (LLC)

L.L.C. Allows you to do local business and services. It is recommended for a company established in Dubai who wants to pursue the formation of the company in Dubai for retail business. Apart from local business, the company's registration also allows global business. Dubai Limited Liability Company (L.L.C.) is an ideal vehicle to use for business entrepreneurs within Dubai, U.A.E. And internationally.


With company registration and company formation in Dubai L.L.C, you can still own only 49% of the equity. However, you can do this and keep more than 49% of the profits. The United Arab Emirates. The law allows L.L.C. to come up with a flexible, inter-profit sharing arrangement. This can give you a big advantage, especially since 51% of the local equity rules in most cases are quite inflexible. This is not surprising, therefore, that L.L.C. The most popular form of a trade organization in UAE is.


Benefits of Company set-up in Dubai L.L.C.

A Dubai LLC Provides unmatched access to Dubai and wide UAE. Economy. Through Dubai L. L.C., international entrepreneurs obtain a trade license from the Dubai Government. There are some restrictions on the activities of Dubai L. L.C., and it is possible to get licenses for all activities, with the exception of banking, insurance and investment activities. Through Dubai LLC, investors get a strong physical presence in Dubai. Although cost-effective office space is difficult to find, we provide solutions to meet every budget and specifications. After the establishment of Dubai L. L.C, the company registration no longer has to face any specific minimum capital requirements, as this formal requirement was terminated in the U.A.E. Companies may or may not be subject to minimum capital requirements, depending on the size of the business, nature and goals. After registering the company, it is easy to open a global corporate bank account and Dubai L.L.C. Set-up.


We are a professional Dubai manufacturing specialist, who provide world-class customer service with solid ethics. Our highly trained team of Dubai Company Formation and UAE Incorporation Professionals ensures that we provide you with quick and efficient service, guaranteeing a transaction without problems.

Whatever your financial goals, bring them to us and we make sure you get them. Whether you want to pay less tax, build a Dubai company, bank account, business security, establish a Dubai Virtual Office, or want to become immune to over-regulation, it is almost certain that your aspirations Can be completed.



A foreign company wishing to start a business in UAE can opt to operate as a branch, representative office or registered company, or a commercial agent for selling or exporting their products in the UAE market. Can be appointed. New companies can also opt to operate their activities from Free Zone, which is a self-regulated area to catalyze economic activity within a rich and is governed by their own group of rules and regulations. There are about 40 free zones in the UAE, which have more development.

Foreign ownership restrictions are contained in the commercial company law, for which the UAE's citizens or their wholly-owned companies are required to have a minimum 51% share of all the companies established in the United Arab Emirates. CCL provides for foreign investors to establish the following trading institutions: joint stock companies, limited liability companies, unincorporated joint ventures and branch offices of foreign companies. CCL does not apply to companies that are set up in open areas.